Taking Back My Time

by Gabriel Novo on July 14, 2014 · 2 comments

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Facebook I’m a huge fan of social media.  It’s allowed me to connect with people in ways I couldn’t have dreamed of just years ago. Friendships were created, bonds strengthened, and all through social media.  But as much as I love it there’s a cost to its convenience… TIME.

The worst culprit when it comes to stealing my time is Facebook. For my out of state and overseas friends it’s still the best way to keep in touch due its widespread adoption.  The main drawback, in addition to the time sink, are all the annoyances that build up into a disagreeable user experience.

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5 Years of Cuban Nomad

by Gabriel Novo on May 27, 2014 · 1 comment

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It took a harmless looking email from Twitter to remind me of how long Cuban Nomad has been in existence.  When I opened the mail there was a lovely looking cake (which you can see on the right) and a big blue exclamation, “Happy Twitterversary!

“You just turned 5,” it continued.  Five years.  Wow.

I started this blog and Twitter at the same time, hoping one would compliment the other.  When you first start out there are so many expectations and goals; I’ll write all the time, I’ll build a readership, writing here might open doors somewhere else.  As time passes reality wears down your hopes, leaving you with the achievable and the actual.

Perhaps it’s the RPG nerd in me, but I tend to understand things better when I can see them in a numerical fashion.  Relationships reveal themselves as do trends.  This post is to help me analyze and commemorate the work I’ve put into Cuban Nomad and take stock of things while figuring out my next steps.

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Story Nuggets

by Gabriel Novo on May 26, 2014 · 0 comments

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One of my favorite forms of procrastination is scouring the internet for nuggets of writing wisdom, all under the guise of research.  Yes, I should be writing, but occasionally I stumble upon something that makes the time wasted worthwhile.  An article, video snippet, or audio clip catches my eye and increases my storytelling knowledge one iota more.

In this article I’m sharing two such nuggets of wisdom.  One is an old clip I saw years ago, but which really resonated with me this time around.  The other is from a recent Conversation series held by BAM. Both are after the break.

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Agents of SHIELD ruined Captain America 2 and that’s not OK

May 9, 2014 Movies

I’m a huge fan of the Marvel universe in all its forms, but I’m especially enamored with their movies.  After IRON MAN reignited the superhero genre for Marvel they’ve been pumping out solid live action comic book films ever since.  Their vision is far reaching (check out their cinematic universe game plan) and execution solid.  […]

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Cancer Through Photos

April 1, 2014 Personal

Writing about a situation is how many authors come to terms with it.  They coalesce thoughts and emotions into words they can touch.   Then they take these raw materials and build a framework which allows them to examine, dissect, and finally understand a thing. I’ve written a lot of words about cancer, my struggles and […]

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Haven Publishing – "Rhest for the Wicked"

March 21, 2014 Haven Publishing

After a lot of hard work from our author, editors, and illustrator, Haven is now proud to present its first official novel release, Rhest for the Wicked by the talented Robert V. Aldrich. The Isis Military Complex. A military research facility deep in the Nevada desert before it was abandoned and left to rot. In […]

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Offbeat Music for Offbeat Writing

January 21, 2014 Music

Music can be very influential to the writing process as I’ve mentioned before.  For me, certain scenes or stories demand a specific kind of music.  When I’m trying to get into a flow I usually put on something electronic like Amon Tobin, Pretty Lights, or Red Snapper. It’s when I’m diving into stranger, darker waters […]

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Don’t Break the Chain

January 10, 2014 Writing

Momentum is one of the most powerful tools in your writing arsenal.  It’s the rocket fuel that turns daunting tasks into achievable goals yet it’s incredibly hard to maintain.  I’ve always struggled with my momentum pulling off bursts of activity, but never achieving long term consistency.  It’s frustrating and depressing to think the one thing […]

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Dancing by Yourself Sucks

January 3, 2014 Writing

I face a constant struggle while pursuing writing as a full time career.  The act of writing—butt in seat, words on a screen—is extremely solitary.  You’re essentially playing with imaginary friends and recording their escapades.  My natural proclivity is to be extremely social.  It’s an asset in my day job as a consultant and at […]

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Tearing it Down (and trying again)

August 19, 2013 Blog

My frustration with plugins, themes, and WordPress in general has reached a boiling point.  Tonight, I’m going to tear apart the blog and figure out what I’m going to do next.  I hope to have the articles back up ASAP, but the rest of the bells and whistles may take a while.  It’ll be rough […]

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Frustrated with Thesis

August 13, 2013 Blog

I’ve been using the Thesis theme since January of 2010 and it’s done right by me most of the time.  There were a couple of instances where I had to roll up my sleeves, Google like a madman, and dive into code, but generally Thesis has been a rock solid structure for my blog. This […]

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