A Tri-State of Mind

A Tri-State of Mind

I am utterly enamored by the uncertainty of travel. No matter how much you prepare, no matter how much you plan, the moment you step outside your home and into the world literally anything can happen. I’ve met fellow travelers who were paralyzed by this fear of the unknown. I’m the exact opposite and instead thrive on this sense of the unknown in ways I still don’t fully understand. My body hums with the electricity of infinite possibilities and I open up my senses as far as they’ll go, hoping to key into everything. That’s why I was excited to ride the rails for 20 hours on an Amtrak train going up the East Coast.

There are a multitude of reasons that someone would subject themselves to such a grueling length of travel. You could be escaping from something, using distance as the solution to an insurmountable problem you were leaving behind. You could be searching for something, hoping the difference in geography would provide the answers you desired. You could be pursing something, an amazing goal that was bigger than the confines of your city or the borders of your state or even the edges of your country.

I was chasing down a dream I couldn’t shake loose, no matter what was thrown my way. Which is why I was speeding along railways at 110 mph in the middle of the night surrounded by strangers with their own reasons for the journey. It’s why I’ve logged roughly 4,300 miles on the road, across 9 cities and 6 states, since 2015. There’s no static way to achieve big things. You gotta keep moving.

So, I’m moving like a man possessed. I gotta get my indie publishing company to the next level, one where you can buy our books in every bookstore, airport bookshop, warehouse club, and anywhere else fine books are sold. Digital only wasn’t enough. Regional printing wasn’t enough. I need to have our books coast-to-coast and in every English speaking country we can find on the map. I was never content with the small stuff.

Now I’m in a colder climate and a cozy home. These are early days, but they are optimistic ones. The heavy lifting should be done by the end of the year. After that… if I’m being honest, I always plan to cross the finish line, but I haven’t given a thought to what comes later. Then again, uncertainty is kinda my thing.

Photo © Gabriel Novo


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