Sunrise over the Atchafalaya Swamp

I hate labels because a person shouldn’t be defined by a one size fits all criteria. It limits how others see us and how we see ourselves. Instead, let me share a few of the words I use to describe myself.

cuban: My parents fled a communist dictatorship in search of better lives and worked their asses off to achieve those dreams. I carry that same drive within me, the willingness to start from nothing, and most importantly, the knowledge that anything can be survived.
writer: Oftentimes, I don’t know who I am until I’ve worked it out on a page. I constantly lose and find myself in writing. Wouldn’t want it any other way.
nerd & geek: Technology has been good to me and I was able to make a career out of being a professional nerd. Nowadays I prefer being a geek, unabashedly in love with film, comics, toys… the list goes on.

There are plenty of other words you could use to describe me, some nice and others not so nice. Whichever ones you choose they still only scratch the surface. Why don’t you stick around and we might actually get to know one another.

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