Cancer Through Photos


Writing about a situation is how many authors come to terms with it.  They coalesce thoughts and emotions into words they can touch.   Then they take these raw materials and build a framework which allows them to examine, dissect, and finally understand a thing.

I’ve written a lot of words about cancer, my struggles and successes, and I know there’s more in me to tell because I still haven’t reached understanding.  It’s a moment in my life that feels miles away yet at the same time right over my shoulder.  My words on the matter have stopped flowing for now, but while digging through my files I stumbled upon something just as strong, pictures.  I stared at these photos and listened to what they told me.  I’m not a Photoshop guy or much in the way of an artist, but I wanted to do something with these moments in time.

I found a site called Haiku Deck whose philosophy is to tell simple and beautiful stories through captivating presentations.  I had found the medium, now to talk about cancer in a different way.

This is what I created.  All the photos are mine except for the very first one.  I don’t know if it’s too much or too little.  It’s just what came together.

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app

[direct link to presentation]


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  • Tuesday's Coming Apr 13, 2014

    In the simplicity of your presentation, you gave us a sad story with a beautiful ending. The world nearly lost something special.

  • Tam Apr 24, 2014

    Beautifully and honestly done – I am so glad you are in remission
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    • Gabriel Novo
      Apr 24, 2014

      The Haiku Deck gave me a chance to tell my story through the images I had collected over the year. Much different than the articles I had written, but it allowed me to tap directly into more emotional pieces. I hope I finally come to terms with all of it, so that I can stop writing about it.

      Thank you for the kind words.
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  • Raquel
    Oct 8, 2015

    I travel through time since the day that chord struck. Fantasy turned into reality. Reality turned into illusions. Illusions into dreams. Dreams into horror, misery, psychosis and finally blackness. I have never known what the other side of the mirror looks like. What it feels. How it breathes. The dreams going into life until you finally wake up and know it’s real. Then you feel….
    Maybe numbness?
    An out of mind experience?
    Or the realization of the life you have lived, the life you are living and what the life your future holds. The mind I have been in thinks of all these things.
    You are the fallen angel which had broken a wing. You worked through the mending to to heal. First time was hard as fright got in the way. Then you were there up in the sky flying so free.
    It makes me so happy to see

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