One Year of Movies: January’s Results


Flickr - Film Reel - gingermaddyWhen 2012 started I decided on a little experiment where I would keep track of every film I’d see that year.  This post is a summation of my first month of the experiment.  The format may change here and there as I figure out the best way to present this info, but suggestions are HIGHLY recommended.

I’ll also write the occasional milestone posts such as 100 hours, 100 movies, etc.  I am an absolute film fanatic, so hopefully there’ll be many those.  If there are any other topics you’d like me to discuss or further details you’d like me to reveal then just shoot me a tweet @GabrielNovo or leave a comment in one of these posts.


I saw 25 films during the course of January.  For me that’s a little on the light side.  January was a tough month personally and professionally, so the few films I was able to watch were a welcomed respite.  I listed the movies in chronological viewing order, starting at the top of column one and going down from there.  If there were alternate endings I include whether or not I watched them both, but didn’t add anything to the runtime.  Speaking of runtimes, I pull all my information from IMDB to maintain consistency in my data gathering.

I Am Legend (both endings) Edge of Darkness Resident Evil IV Afterlife
Men In Black 2 Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Casino Royale (1967)
The Hangover Part 2 Priest (2011) Bunraku
National Lampoon’s Movie Madness The Rite Secretary
Gladiator Cube Leap Year
Liar, Liar A League of their Own The Little Prince
Beauty Shop Bruce Lee: A Warrior’s Journey Fright Night (2011)
Sherlock Holmes X-Men: First Class
Drive The Mummy (1999)


As you can tell from the list movies, my tastes are ALL over the place.  None of these were films I was dragged to by a demanding spouse as I honestly do enjoy every type of film out there.  I’m just as happy watching a silent black & white film as I am a modern thriller with slick special effects.  It all boils down to good story telling.  If you have it, I need to see it.  These are listed from most watched to least watched.

7 Horror 2 Romance
6 Comedy 1 Documentary
5 Action 1 Musical
2 Crime 1 Sci-Fi

Once again IMDB was the final arbitrator as to what the film’s genre was.  I didn’t want to deal with multi-genre category BS.  I’m trying to keep this experiment as simple and easy to maintain as possible.  Horror being the overall winner wasn’t a surprise; I’m a HWA member, been to horror conventions, and bumping into Clive Barker was what kicked off this blog.  I needed the laughs in January, so Comedies came out strong.  The rest of the mix and match is normal for me.


Ok, let’s start with some blunt honesty.  I like stats, but I’m not a super stat nerd so I won’t be able to pick out every little minutia.  If there’s a stat nerd out there who wants to lend a hand, please feel free to contact me buddy.  I could always use the help.  For this I’m gonna go with a simple list.  Again, suggestions on better display formats are very very welcome.

  • Total Minutes Watched: 2729
  • Total Hours Watched: 45.48
  • Longest Film: 155 minutes (Gladiator)
  • Shortest Film: 86 minutes (Liar, Liar)
  • Overall Average Film Length: 109.16 minutes or 1.82 hours
  • Oldest Film Watched: Casino Royale (1967)
  • Worst Film Watched: National Lampoon’s Movie Madness

This is only the beginning, but it’s already cool to see how my tastes break out.  It’s also good to see cold hard numbers when it comes to my passion.  Perhaps a sobering realization or two will pop up during the year.  So far, so good.

What do you think of these stats?  Am I wasting away my life or not diving deep enough into my passion.  Also, if you’re running this little experiment at home let me know how it’s coming along in the comments or shoot me a tweet @gabrielnovo.  If you enjoy these articles then feel free to have them delivered directly to your inbox.

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  • nancy Feb 13, 2012

    So which was the best film watched of those out of curiosity? It’s amazing how fast those hours add up.

    • Gabriel Novo
      Feb 13, 2012

      I left that out on purposes to spark a little conversations. I’m a sneaky bastard 🙂

      Best film was a very tough one with this bunch. When it came to atmosphere and something completely surprising me, I’d have to go with DRIVE (BTW avoid the piece of shit trailer at all costs. Ruins the film and portrays it as something it’s not). I’ll have a 42 second review of DRIVE up on RetroHack sometime soon.

      Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows ties right up there. It was a fantastic sequel that not only was as strong as the first, but really let Jude Law shine. Also, Moriarty was fucking perfect. I have to see this film many more times.

      That should cover the initial best films. I could spend hours chatting about all of these movies. Maybe one day I’ll put together a podcast. Who knows?
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  • Damaris Feb 14, 2012

    i love the diversity! this makes me want to watch a few more movies too. now i’ll have to check out Drive – after seeing the trailer all over commercials I wasn’t really sure it looked worthwhile. What did you think of X-men: First Class? I really liked who they cast for Charles and Erik.
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    • Gabriel Novo
      Mar 10, 2012

      Like I mentioned in my earlier comment, DRIVE’s trailer is not only a piece of shit, but it gives you wrong expectations for the film. Try to forget the trailer if you’ve already seen it when you finally go to watch DRIVE.

      X-MEN: FIRST CLASS was a lot better than I expected. Kevin Bacon surprised me with his portrayal of Sebastian Shaw and Michael Fassbender was an absolute bad-ass in this film. It’s worth watching for him alone.
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