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Facebook I’m a huge fan of social media.  It’s allowed me to connect with people in ways I couldn’t have dreamed of just years ago. Friendships were created, bonds strengthened, and all through social media.  But as much as I love it there’s a cost to its convenience… TIME.

The worst culprit when it comes to stealing my time is Facebook. For my out of state and overseas friends it’s still the best way to keep in touch due its widespread adoption.  The main drawback, in addition to the time sink, are all the annoyances that build up into a disagreeable user experience.

There’s the constant “tweaking” of the news feed.  Something as simple as keeping it on the most recent setting is an exercise in pointlessness because it’ll change back at some random point in time.  Then there’s the issue of Facebook’s calculated shrinkage of the ability to reach ALL of our friends.  What’s the point of using the service if you can’t be sure people are seeing your messages?  Finally, their continued encroachment upon our privacy.  Yes, it’s a free service, but I’d gladly pay to keep them from tracking my every move across the Internet.  I have to take a step back and remove myself from their increasingly toxic ecosystem.

Until a viable contender appears I’ll be using my other social media outlets to engage with cyberspace. Listed below are all the services I use, some more than others, but all with a degree of regularity.  Of course, this blog is my main presence on the web.  I can always be reached here

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My goal with this retreat from the big blue F is to hopefully get back some of my brain space.  Instead of scrolling for videos, memes, or random status updates I can use those neurons to dive back into my writing or this blog.  The problem that Facebook has had since its inception is that everything you add to it helps THEM build a presence not you.  In the end, you’re feeding their machine for the promise of a larger audience.  Now that the promise has eroded we should reinvest in our own homesteads on the digital plains.


Are you fed up with Facebook as well?  Have you found any good alternatives?  Let me know in the comments or shoot me a tweet @gabrielnovo.  If you enjoy these articles then have them delivered to your inbox or share them using the buttons below.
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  • April Jul 14, 2014

    I absolutely agree with you! I fought the Facebook craze for more years than most & even embraced the status of a social cripple. When I did join in my interest wasn’t frenzied & my visits only occasional. The past year however, I’ve found a deeper purpose with it & found myself reconnected with people I thought long gone. These truly special interactions have given me profound insight & significantly impacted my life. They have also been cause for my now constant attachment to FB. This creates a problem as I’ve shared your frustrations about the network. I always thought that my lack of involvement with any other social network was justification for my overuse of big blue. Your shared words remind me it is not & painfully point out what I also know to be true; I must remove myself from an idea created in such severe opposition of my own values. I’ll probably not withdraw for now as I contemplate the best course of action. Realizing the connections I found again & my experiences through them are a rarity were much needed to see that FB does not deserve full credit. As stated I’m not on other social sites & I’ll gladly be following your blog not just to keep in touch, but also to enjoy your writing. Maybe I’ll start a movement to save the dying art form of handwriting, particularly letters, & we’ll meet again on a network based on a more sincere & meaningful way to connect. Until then, take care!

    • Gabriel Novo
      Jul 23, 2014

      I’m glad you’ve found the deep connections through Facebook that I myself never did. To me it all felt very “on the surface” with people rarely opening themselves up in any true sense. Then again, opening up to a group of people on the Internet (even if you know them) seems detached and impersonal.

      I would love a resurgence in letter writing. There was always something about receiving a letter in the mail that made it a million times more special than an email. I still have some of the letters I received as a kid from friends in other countries. If you want to kick start the letter writing revolution then count me in 🙂
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  • Thersa Matsuura Jul 19, 2014

    Truer words, my friend, truer words…

    I didn’t even know about the calculated shrinkage. Yeah, I think I’m going to take your lead and step back as well. I’ll start by checking twice a day and setting a time limit for those times. Leaving a tab open is the beginning of the downward spiral for me.
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    • Gabriel Novo
      Jul 23, 2014

      I have to admit, I’ve suffered some withdrawal symptoms. It was a daily affair and now nada.

      No burst of inspiration so far, but then again, I’m just getting used to the extra free time.
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